[Day 1] Off I go

After months of researching, designing and creating gear for my big trip, the time has come to actually put it to the test.

If I am to believe the internet, then I’m probably over-prepared, so no worries. And in case I forgot something, I’m sure it will be available in my first stop, India. On a related note, an ex-colleague told me that toilet paper is pretty much impossible to find over there. Thus,  naturally, after putting all my gear in the backpack, I crammed all compartments full of the stuff. And with that the more basic needs have been touched upon :).

Saturday morning, I had a nice brunch, and after an emotional goodbye at the airport, I was off. Everything went really smooth so far. Airport security didn’t even give me a second glance, probably because I look like a huge dork in my hiking pants and flashy running shoes. That’s probably not going to change, since I have no clothing with me that anyone would consider everyday wear :).

Next stop: New Delhi.


One of the highlights of my travel garderobe.

  1. tof allemaal ,geniet van Indië en van het vegetarisch eten !!! das daar super lekker (en hot) tot wederhoren

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