[Day 8] Ellora caves

Around 11.30AM I arrived in Aurangabad, which is the jumping off point for visits to the Ellora and Ajanta caves.

First, I went over Martina’s appartement, where I am couchsurfing. Her place is in a quiet side street, away from the city noise. It’s a simple 1 room appartment, but clearn, so perfect. No worms on the bathroom floor here ;).

In the early afternoon I went to the Ellora caves, about 40 minutes away from Aurangabad by bus. It’s a big complex of around 30 caves, all hewn from a single piece of rock.


Statue in one of the Ellora caves.

The most impressive is definitely cave number 16, which huge and actually more of a temple, since it’s open at the top. Apparently it took about a 100 years to finish this. Really impressive when you remember that this used to be just one rock.


A few of the top of Ellora cave 16, hewn from 1 single piece of rock.


This chipmunk has no respect for authority.

Although there weren’t nearly as many visitors here as at the Taj Mahal, I did manage to land another ±10 modelling jobs. I will soon grace living rooms all throughout the country :)!


At least 1 person in this picture thinks this is not a great idea.

In the evening Martina, Sebastien (another couch surfer) and me went to a nice restaurant. The southern Indian food was pretty spicy, but really nice. No clue what I ate though :).


Green goop with brown mystery balls and sweet lime juice, yummy :)!

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