[Day 27-28] Waiting in Mumbai

Just for the sake of completeness, I’m writing this post, but I don’t really have much to report.

I hopped on the train to Mumbai the morning of the 27th. The original plan was to get off at Kalyan and get a cab to Mumbai there. Luckily, someone on the train advised me to exit at the last stop, which was much much closer and thus saved me about 2000 rupees in cab fare.

An auto dropped me off at my hotel and that’s were I spend the next two days. The hotel is located north of the airport, and the main attractions in Mumbai are all the way to the south, about 30 km from here. Add to that the fact that this is the busiest city in India, with millions riding the local trains each day and with perpetually gridlocked roads. It didn’t really seem worth the huge hassle bridging that distance just to get to see maybe 2 buildings.

The hotel (Jyoti Dwelling) is nice though, probably the first one in a month were cleaning does not mean “move dust around with a broom” and where actual water and soap are used. And the bedsheets do not have gross orange stains and hairs everywhere, a welcome change :). And it won a “hotel of the year” award on booking.com. Of course, it being Mumbai, everything is much more expensive than elsewhere, but compared to other hotels nearby it seems I got an acceptable deal (3000 rupee/night).

So, that’s about it. I spend 2 days reading, watching TV, checking out some details about my next stop (Thailand) and eating delicious food. I had one of the best chicken dishes ever, something with butter. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the exact name.


Some buttery vegetable dish with paratha, delicious!

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