[Day 82-85] Sunsets & Pinnacles

Having travelled over 9000 kilometers in 4 weeks, I was getting a bit fed up with the constant driving, so I planned to stay at my next camping spot for at least a day before moving on.

Luckily for me then that the spot I had chosen to stay at, Point Louise in Green Head, was really beautiful. It’s a campsite right near the sea and when I arrived it was virtually empty, so I got the only spot with a view on the beach.


The beautiful Point Louise beach.

While taking a stroll down the coast I spotted a cirle of fins emerging from the water. At first I thought it might be dolphins playing, but it turned out to be a bunch of sharks. A real-life sharknado! Unfortunately, the sharks had disappeared by the time I got on top of some rocks for a better view.


Sharknado no more than 20m from where I was standing!

In the evening, there was a gorgeous sunset, definitely up there with the one I witnessed in the West MacDonnel ranges.


Gorgeous sunset with the moon already high in the sky.

The next day I spent relaxing and researching some climbing gear I will need in the USA. In the afternoon, I fished for a bit with Peter, a conductor from the US who is on a big world trip with his girlfriend Veronica. Sadly, we didn’t catch anything but seaweeds.

I watched the sunset with Byron and Cathy and their pug dog, and it was once again a really nice one. None of the pictures are in the least bit doctored :)!


Another day, another beautiful sunset.

Since I was running low on water, I decided to continue my trip the next morning. A free hot shower brought a very welcome refreshing start of the day. Afterwards, I drove to Nambung NP, most famous for the Pinnacles.

The Pinnacles is an area where thousands of small rocks (no higher than 5m) jut out of the ground. No one really knows how they have formed, which makes them all the more intruiging. There’s not a whole lot to do though, apart from a 4 km loop drive and a 1 km walk. Still, a very beautiful place undoubtedly worth visiting!


The mysterious Pinnacles.


Odd looking insect scurrying across the rocks.


A couple of Galahs relaxing in the sun.

Later in the day I arrived in York, a pitoresque village east of Perth. Many of the buildings here are build in an historic fashion, especially the town hall is pretty. Because I had some things to arrange for my visit to the USA, I decided to stay here for a day. The free and fast internet in town was rather convenient :).


Lots of buildings along York's main road are built in this fashion.


This little deviant was munching through my trash bag. Caught him and kicked him out!

On my first night there, I met Jonas, a German sound engineer. It turned out we have a lot of common interests, so we had a lot to talk about. We both have an Irish tin whistle, but whereas I haven’t really practiced, Jonas plays in an Irish band, so in the evenings he tried to teach me some tunes. Good times!


Jonas and me in York.

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