[Day 91-92] Surfing in Perth

My final two days in Australia, I decided to surf in Perth. Couchsurf, that is.

Just as in Darwin, it took quite a lot of requests before I found a kind soul willing to host me. After sending out messages to 18 people, I finally hit jackpot when I contacted Brent. He has traveled all over the world and regularly hosts multiple couch surfers, and was happy to take me up on my last minute request.

Of course, I first had to go return my campervan. Luckily, the whole process went very smooth and I was reimbursed the full 7500AUD deposit. Hurrah!

A couple of busses, a train, a hike, and about two hours later I made it to Brent’s. I was greeted by his housemate Aimee and the two cats, Sophie and Paul.

Later on, Brent gratuitously offered me free food and beer, because I didn’t have anything left to eat and hadn’t encountered a shop on the way to his place. Living like a real bum ;).

On Sunday, I spend a couple of hours making a detailed planning of what amounts of which foods I will need to buy for my JMT hike. But more about that seemingly rather boring part of the hike later.

In the evening, I treated Brent and me to some amazing, fancy pizzas (Crust Pizza, should you ever find yourself in Perth). We took those over to a board game evening with his friends. There was also cool beers and freshly baked chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream to be had. Good times!


Super amazing Meditteranean beef with onions and turnips pizza.


Home-made chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, beers and board games. Great evening!

Because it was a Sunday, busses only ran until 8PM. Luckily, Brent was so friendly to drop me off at the airport after our game night.

This was my third time couchsurfing and it was once again awesome. If you’ve never done it, I really recommend you to give it a try. You get cheap lodging (free if you ignore the money to buy beers and/or food for your host), meet some locals who have lots of inside info on the area, hear all sorts of cool stories, …

Apparently I forgot all about my camera, so you’ll have to be content with the crappy two pictures above.

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