[Day 22] More fun in Bijapur

The main attraction for today was a visit to the Ibrahim Rouza, a lesser visited monument in Bijapur.

Since the Ibrahim Rouza wasn’t that far from the hotel, we set out on foot. Along the way Ana & Rob got some great breakfast in a tiny ramshackle hut full of locals. I had already stuffed myself full of the most amazing cookie, filled with coconut and a variety of fruits.


Best cookie ever! Unfortunately, I only bought 1 kg :(.

We were one of the very few people visiting the monument that day, which gave us a chance to walk around without constantly being hassled. In summary, the Ibrahim Rouza is definitely worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Bijapur!


Walking up to the Ibrahim Rouza.


Inner courtyard.


One of the mausoleum walls.

Since we didn’t really have anything else to do for the rest of the day, we strolled back into town and had a nice lunch. In the evening, we boarded a train for our next destination: Matheran.


Rob and me having a delicious egg biryani and cool beer.


Ana trying out a new evasive maneuver against starers.

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